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“Love Maria-Dolores’ products and Maria-Dolores too!”

– T. R.
Sacramento, CA

“Exeptional with everything!”

– S. D.
Dallas, TX

“I love the Lavanda Essential Blend for oily skin. I have been using it for many years and it is the best product I have ever found to address those blemishes that still show up even though my mother promised me they would go away once I grew out of my teen years. Here I am at 58 and still have them occasionally, but I know that as soon as they appear, I just apply that magical oil and rub it in well and the next day they are already going away. Now my 16 year old daughter has started using it as well with similar results. I am looking forward to trying the acne gel as well. Thanks for these amazing products!”

– Dr. Heather
Shelburne, VT

“I just wanted to write a short note to let you know how amazing your products are. I have suffered with psoriasis and eczema for OVER 10 years. I have gone to dermatologists and been prescribed steroids & other drugs which never cured the problem and caused permanent scarring. I found out about Lavanda Products from a very close friend. About 5 or 6 months ago. I began using a combination of the Trauma Ease Formula and the Psoriasis Cream. It’s amazing that after only a few short months, a condition that I have been struggling with for over 10 years is totally cleared up. I now only need to use the products on an as needed basis, if I feel an outbreak coming on. Your expertise & your products are a God-send…THANK YOU, Dr Maria!”

– C.J.
Tecumse, KS

“I have used Lavanda products for years and I can’t imagine using anything else on a daily basis. Lavanda is not made in a factory. Each product is made by hand. The plant extracts and oils are of the highest quality giving me a sense of clean, fresh skin. The anti-again and deep cellular repair serums keep my skin well moisturized underneath the surface.The aromatherapy products work wonders for calming. I keep the stress relief blend with me in my purse in case I need a quick jolt of deep calm.”

– Jane B.

“Having to work with arthritis for the past 10 years has been very hard on my wrist, ankles, and shoulders. In fact, I have not been able to work for the past three years. I started using the Lavanda Joint Blend four months ago and have now cut back on my medication and returned to work part time.”

– H.L.C

“I tend to have a lot of sinus headaches that can turn into a migraine. I rub the Breathe Again Blend around the sinus area and forehead and even put some under my nose…I can’t begin to tell you how many times this blend has kept me from a full-blown migraine.”

– B.S.
Saginaw, MI

“Dear Lavanda Aromatherapy,
I have never before written a note to a company to say how great a product is. I had a really wicked cold and kept getting a sore throat. After the second cold a friend recommended your Immune Support. I used it as directed and by the second day my throat was better. The next time I started to get a cold I immediately put the cream on and the next day - no sore throat. Thank you. Your product works so well I just had to write.”

– G.M.
New York, NY

“I currently use Lavanda formulations in my practice. I have witnessed their therapeutic effects on myself as well as my patients.”

– A.K., D.C.
Dallas, TX

“Over and over again I am taken with the high quality of formulations you offer.”

– P.P.
Santa Fe, NM

Brent Hale