Chamomile Roman

Chamomile Roman


Botanical Specie: Chamaemelum nobile


Psychological: Calming, relaxing, soothing, sedative, helps to moderate mood swings.

Physiological: Analgesic, carminative, digestive, emmenagogue, nervine.

Appropriate for:

Colic, cramps, indigestion, nervous tension, anxiety, insomnia, general body aches and pains when connected to nervous tension, PMS, menstrual cramps, menopause discomfort, hot flashes, acne, psoriasis linked to stress or nervous conditions, hyperactivity in children, teething, tantrums, colic in infants.

Safety precautions:

If an allergic reaction to the plant exists, do not use the essential oil, or do it with care. Do not use in the 1st trimester of pregnancy.

Producing Organ: Flowers

Origin: England

Aromatherapy Institute, Inc. Practitioner Certification Clinical I Manual, page 36.

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