Basil ct Methyl Chavicol

Basil ct Methyl Chavicol


Botanical Specie: Ocimum basilicum


Psychological: Aids in mental concentration, stimulating to the mind, clears the head and sharpens the senses.

Physiological: Strong antiseptic, strong bactericidal, tonic to digestive, as well as general body tonifying, strong stimulant, and hyper tensor.

Appropriate for:

Sluggish digestion, travel sickness, morning sickness, mental exhaustion, headaches, migraines from slow digestion, tonifying to the body during convalescence after a cold or flu.

Safety precautions:

Best to avoid in the presence of high blood pressure and during the early months of pregnancy.

Producing Organ: Leaves and flower tops

Origin: France

Aromatherapy Institute, Inc. Practitioner Certification Clinical I Manual, page 34.

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