About Lavanda Products

Over the years, Lavanda® has built a reputation for quality by supplying products of the highest therapeutic grade. We offer a wide selection of formulas for the whole family to address conditions of the skin, body and mind. A selection of products to help women during and after pregnancy, and to care for babies and children are also available.

Lavanda® products are “synergies”, where all the ingredients work together in harmony; enhancing one another, making each formula very special and effective in supporting the body, while healing to regain homeostasis (the process of maintaining constant physical and chemical balance despite external change).

We carefully select and combine undiluted, concentrated botanical essential oils of medicinal grade sourced from countries all over the world and, whenever possible, from organically grown plants.  Together with botanical carriers, and unrefined oils obtained by cold pressed process, create an assortment of products that contain the powerful properties of the phyto-essences, as well as the vitamins, minerals, and essential fatty acids contained in the botanical oils.

Lavanda® formulas do not contain parabens, colors, fillers, perfumes, or other components from synthetic or animal origin.

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Skin Care Line

Aromatic, easily absorbed and effective skin care products include moisturizers for all skin types, cleanser, refreshing toner spray, anti-aging fluid, hand and body lotion and more. See what you like…compare with any other line of skin product anywhere.

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Body Care & Floral Water

Oils, creams and floral waters formulated to help in the overall health and appearance of the skin. Our formulas promote toxin removal, stretch mark prevention, skin, scalp and nail nourishment and protection, and much more.


Preventative Formulas

A selection of remedies for daily use, supporting and strengthening the body, and assisting in ailment prevention.


Common Ailments

These products were created to help during the course of common ailments.


The Company's Founder and Creator

Maria-Dolores Trujillo is a Board Certified and registered Traditional Naturopath, Certified Aromatherapist specialized in Clinical Aromatherapy, a Certified Natural Health Professional, Certified Nutritional Consultant, Licensed Esthetician, and Educator. She is also the founder of Aromatherapy Institute, Inc., Lavanda® Aromatherapy Botanical Products, and Lavanda Academy, Inc.

Maria-Dolores established her aromatherapy practice while living in England. Upon returning to the United States in 1991, she introduced Clinical Aromatherapy in the Dallas, Texas area, providing consultations, skin and body treatments to her clients, and developing formulas for their home care programs. Following her highly successful practice, she created Lavanda®, a line of Aromatherapy Botanical Products developed from custom-made formulas.

As the founder of Aromatherapy Institute, Inc. in Dallas, a recognized center for training and education in the field of clinical aromatherapy, Maria-Dolores created, developed and teaches all the courses the Institute offers, and has gained national recognition as a leading educator in her field. 

Maria-Dolores was an instructor with The National Association of Certified Natural Health Professionals teaching the courses she developed on Clinical Aromatherapy and Reflexology, in both English and Spanish, to health practitioners throughout the country.

Through her Lavanda Academy, she created and teaches various workshops such as “The Secret the Skin Reveals”, “The Messages Pain Conveys”, “Balancing the Four Quadrants of Life” among others.

She was an Honored Professional of the National Directory of WHO’s WHO in Executive & Professionals (1996-1997 edition) and was featured in Dallas Women’s Magazine (1993).

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Maria-Dolores Trujillo

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to offer products of the highest therapeutic grade, made with ingredients obtained from Mother’s Earth to help the individual to maintain a healthy body, skin and mind while facing life’s challenges.

Lavanda® Aromatherapy/Botanical Products offers its wide selection of formulas for the whole family, to address conditions of the skin, body and mind, as well as remedies for before and after pregnancy, babies and children.